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Summerset Landing Testimonials

“When I happened upon a newspaper ad for Summerset Landing, 1 was looking to move somewhere that required little daily care and maintenance. I didn’t really want a condo — I really preferred to have my own four walls. Well, I have found those things here — somebody else does the maintenance so my time is freer to do what 1 want instead of having to worry about mowing, raking, painting or house maintenance. I have a little garden, and that is just enough to play in.

I have lived at Summerset Landing for almost three years. It is a comfortable, quiet, friendly and safe place to be. The owners are always helpful and the grounds are nicely kept in country style.

I love my little house — it is small, but more than adequate for the active life I live, with plenty of storage space and room to do whatever projects I wish. It is comfortable and easily stays warm in the winter. I chose the wood floor option — they are easy to maintain, even with a dog in the house.

Stuyvesant is a quiet little agricultural town with some interesting history. Summerset Landing is located in an area of corn fields, with cattle to watch as you walk along the nearby roads. We are within walking distance of the Hudson River — it is a little less than a mile. It is not unusual to take a walk and maybe only see one or two cars.”

- Ann

“We came to Summerset to downgrade to a smaller home that was well designed. Stuyvesant Landing is centrally located to many fine restaurants, historic sites, the Albany area and best of all, our children and grandchildren. Since living here we are extremely happy and pleased with the well maintained grounds and area tranquility.”

- Dale and Otto

“We are so glad we found Summerset on the web. We liked everything we saw and since we moved here we have everything we need. It is affordable and we are able now to just enjoy our worry free retirement.”

- Elaine and Jay

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